Terry Vincent

Terry Vincent, born in South Minneapolis, raised among musicians, and in the church. These musical roots have inspired me to continue to pursue a career in sound design, music production, and engineering. I've recently been getting involved with film scoring, and I'm always looking for new artist to collaborate with, as well as different genres. 

Terry Vincent is a name I took from two of my uncles (One named Terry, the other Vincent) who both were passionate about music, and unfortunately passed away before I ever got the chance to meet them. I choose this name as a way to honor them, and carry on their legacy. I have a love for music, though Hip Hop will always be my first love, and style of choice.  


M33CH (pronounced Meech) is the CEO of To M33CH His Own Productions. M33CH, a Minneapolis native, is a hip-hop recording artist, actor, and event host. With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Masters of Arts Degree in Family Social Sciences from the University of Minnesota, M33CH strives to motivate urban youth through To M33CH His Own Productions with positive products and high quality services. 

M33CH began making music at a young age, recording his first song at just 12-years-old. Since then, he has performed all over the Twin Cities, opening up for Soulja Boy’s sold out show at the Fine Line Music Hall in early 2017. M33CH’s debut project, BLESSED dropped on March 9, 2018. His song, 'Minneapolis Nights' has been featured in the movie ‘What A Shame’. 

As an actor, he has performed in ‘This or That’, ‘Suspect?’, and ‘What a Shame'. As a host, M33CH has hosted and coordinated events throughout the Twin Cities, getting his start at the tender age of 11, hosting school talent shows. Since then, M33CH has broadened his horizons by coordinating and hosting events such as the 'Ugly Sweater Party' at Pimento Jamaican Rum Bar and the ‘King Industry Music Showcase’ at the Red Sea.


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Shonuff Vibes

T.G.L. 10K

Elondo J. Wright Jr. (AKA T.G.L. 10k) Born and raised in the Twin Cities, is a music producer true to heart, working on several projects with King Industry. I have produced several beats for a couple underground artist as well. I'm a hard worker, spending hours on my music to create beats that everyone can vibe to. I listen to a variety of different music from jazz, country, hip hop, classical, etc. to gain inspiration for my own beats! If I'm not making music I'm usually spending time with friends and family, or playing video games.

Fun fact: I love turtle's of all types, Green is my favorite color, and I'm a vegetarian. True Story, when my parents went to see R. Kelly perform at his concert, they met a young artist who was promoting his music and giving away his CD. That artist was Cam'ron! His story has really inspired me and pushes me to work hard!


Jae Griffin

Since a young age Jae Griff, aka “Uncle Jae”, has been exposed and exercised in the world of music. He first got is start playing the drums in a church band and signing in the choir. Since then he has worked with a few bands and choirs over the years as well as sang in a gospel group quartet. Jae has written and recorded a few songs as well as performed in a few small venues and churches. He has now brought his affection for playing and creating music to King Industry to introduce a style that is scripturally driven and motivated to provide a type of music that will hopefully enlighten and encourage individuals in a way not yet presented in mainstream avenues, mixing in comedy and a spiritual undertone that will sound good and uplift the spirit.